What is Keto Diet ? keto diet for beginners


keto diet for beginners

Keto diet (Ketogenic diet) this is a low-carb diet with a high percentage of fat in the diet, in which the body produces ketones in the liver and uses them as energy.To put it simply ,“ketogenic” Diet allows the body to shift its fuel source from carbohydrates  (bad) to your  stored FAT (good)

When you eat something high in carbohydrates, our body processes them into glucose, which increases the blood sugar and for its stabilization and the distribution of glucose in the cells of the body, the pancreas produces insulin.

Glucose is the simplest molecule in our body that is converted and used as energy, so it will be chosen over any other source of energy.
Insulin is produced to process glucose in the blood by moving it throughout the body. Since glucose is used as an energy source, your fats are not needed and therefore accumulate. Typically, in a normal, higher carbohydrate diet, the body will use glucose as the main form of energy. By reducing carbohydrate intake, the body is induced into a condition known as ketosis.

 is a natural condition of our body, which starts with a low content of glucose in the diet. With him, the body produces ketones, splitting fatty acids, to provide us with a sufficient level of energy, nutrition of brain cells and organs.
The main goal and ultimate goal of the keto diet is to switch us to the state of ketosis. It is important to understand that it does not start with a low-calorie intake, but with a low carbohydrate content in the diet.
Our bodies are incredibly adaptive - as soon as they lack glucose, they easily switch to ketosis and begin to use fats as the main source of energy. The optimal level of ketones and low blood sugar levels give us a lot of advantages: from a general improvement in health and a decrease in the percentage of subcutaneous fat to an increase in mental concentration, energy level, and vitality.

A keto-diet implies a high-fat content, a moderate protein content and a very low carbohydrate content.
Nutrient intake should be about 70% fat, 20% - 25% protein, and 5% - 10% carbohydrates.

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