How to Get Perfect Abs in 30 days

Abs Workouts

Perfect Abs 30 Day Challenge!

Perfect Abs 30 day challenge is designed to work out your abs for a whole month, melting away belly fat and giving you a sexy, toned look for the beach!

We will start by introducing the best abs workouts :

Abs Workouts

1. Crunches

Abs Workouts
The crunch is a great base exercise to develop your perfect abs.
  1. Lie flat on your back.
  2. Place your hands at the side of your head or flat beside you. Don’t pull on your head or neck.
  3. Tense your abs to bring your torso off the floor, whilst at the same time using your abs to raise your legs into the air to complete the crunch.
  4. Hold for 2-3 seconds before returning to a flat initial position. One crunch is one rep

2. Leg Raises

Abs Workouts
Leg raises on a bench or other raised surface are great because you can lower your legs further, allowing your lower abs to be targeted, building the bottom of your perfect abs!
  1. Sit at the end of a bench, resting on your coccyx bone.
  2. Place your hands slightly behind you, or under your coccyx if you need support.
  3. Keep your feet held together and lower them off the bench, keeping your legs straight.
  4. Tense your abs, bringing your legs upwards whilst bending your legs until they form a 90 degree angle with your hips. Hold for 2-3 seconds.
  5. Slowly release your legs, extending them outwards again to the starting position. This is one rep.

3. Plank

Abs Workouts
Tighten your core for a strong foundation for your perfect abs!
  1. Start on your hands and knees and place your forearms on the floor, with your elbows directly under your shoulders.
  2. Raise your torso off the ground, having that balls of your feet touching the ground as shown.
  3. Brace your core and squeeze your glutes, whilst keeping your back in a neutral position without any curvature. Your hips should be level with your shoulders.
  4. Hold for as long as you can! Try to extend this time to improve your core strength.
Abs Workouts


30 days is a good time frame, one whole month, imagine doing something every 30 days roughly and doing it 12 times in a year, how far further ahead you could be if you committed to making one thing a habit every month, what 12 things would they be?
I asked 20 people this question and 14 of them mentioned something which related to their physical appearance, mainly their abdominal area and making it flat, therefore this article was born ready to make an impact on the world.
Now you don’t have to commit to a 30 day flat abs challenge maybe your challenge will be different.

  • 30 days to a rounder bum
  • 30 days to lower your stress
  • 30 days to drop a dress size
  • 30 days to feel more energy
  • 30 days to increase your bank balance
Whatever it is we can go into it and get another article if the demand is there but the principles we work through here will help you in all of the things mentioned above, commit to the consistency and results start to happen.
In completing the flat abs challenge you will be going through three things, raising your heart rate, strengthening your core and improving your nutrition.
I would focus on getting these on point as soon as possible but I have found some people prefer to implement one thing at a time for a couple of days then add the next until it is simply just a lifestyle and not a chore to complete each thing every day.

Step 1: 60 minutes of cardio exercise per dayShould I Do Cardio To Get Flat Abs?

The answer is simply a big YES, you should do cardio to get your abs to become visible, the big mistake that many people do is to go straight to the floor and do hundreds of crunches in order to think they’re going to get their abs showing.
You will slightly work the abs but chances are you are going to end up making your posture bad with tighter hip flexors and a weakened lower back due to the muscles not being as strong in the posterior area of your body.
We need to do cardio to burn fat, you can achieve this with just a caloric deficit but it will take a hell of a long time and chances are if you’re anything like me you may get a little demotivated not seeing the results as quickly as you should.
Cardio is advised to increase your heart rate and make sure you are a healthy individual alongside burning fat.
Cardiovascular health is something we all notice drops when we are sick or slack off our training for a couple of weeks due to vacation or the holiday season, it’s important we keep it up when wanting to get these flat abs in 30 days.
I advise to add in 60 minutes of cardio per day, ideally all at once but you can split it up throughout if you need to, it sounds a lot but stick with me on this one when I tell you the forms of cardio you’re able to implement.
Many people automatically think they need to go for a run to do cardio but think of it as movement which gets the heart rate up things like

  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Circuit Training
  • Dancing
  • Power Walking
  • Rower
  • Playing With Kids
There will be more but this really opens it up, which one is best for you?
Well, as much as science may differ when I say this but the one which is best is that one you actually both enjoy and will stick to completing each day, see how it’s easy to get an hour of exercise in if you do this?
How Do I Work My Core?
We need to focus on the core here but as mentioned above, it is definitely not as important as the cardio movement in order to drop your body fat levels.
You do however want to have something to show when it’s dropped and having stronger, thicker and more aesthetic flat abs is going to be down to getting core work in there.
I suggest taking 4-5 of these following movements and adding them in 5-7 days per week for 15-20 minutes working through different reps and really feeling the abdominal muscles working.

  • Full Plank
  • Plank Up Downs
  • Spiderman Planks
  • Bicycle Crunch
  • Toe Touches
  • Reverse Crunch
  •  Glute Bridge & Glute Bridge Hold

Step 2: What Should I Eat For Flat Abs?

Nutrition is so important not just for flattening your abs but for everyday health, vitality and being able to have an abundance of energy throughout your life.
We are going to follow three rules to make sure you get a set of flat abs in 30 days, it really doesn’t have to be complicated
Rule 1: Track everything you eat and drink
Use an app such as My Fitness Pal of Mike’s Macros to scan everything you eat and keep it in a food diary, you will be looking for 1500-1570 calories a day, take your body weight in pounds to get the amount of protein you need and make the rest up of 60-65% fat and 35-40% carbohydrates.
Tracking your food will make you much more aware of what is going in and you will find you’re not going to mindlessly each so many calories as a result.
 Rule 2: Only eat single ingredient foods
Most people will have foods which have been processed throughout their day, not bad in the long term as a treat or as a minimal amount of your daily diet but we want to make sure in these three rules we get you the best results in 30 days as possible with the effort you’re going to put in.
Longer term I would always recommend following the 80/20 rule, 80% really on point foods and 20% don’t worry if you need to have a little alcohol, ice cream or sugary treats due to social occasions as you will still get results.
A single ingredient food is easy to find, usually, these are the foods which you have to select out of any pre-packaged items on the shelf and when you look at the ingredients you are able to tell they are ‘whole foods’ as they’re made up of just one ingredient on their list.
Rule 3: Drink 100 ounces of water per day
 Hydration is one of the most underrated ingredients not just for fat loss and flat abs but also overall health, we live in a world where it’s so easy to just jump for caffeinated drinks which aren’t going to hydrate us as effectively that we can soon forget the body we have.
The body we want to allow to thrive, be healthy and transport us through our amazing lives is predominantly made up of water, around 60-70% of our body is water, that’s an amazing stat to remember when you’re getting your hydration in.
First thing in the morning every morning without fail I will neck a big glass of water, it helps me wake up much better than I used to.
One thing to remember here though is to make sure you are mindful where the toilet it when you first increase your water as it may go through you pretty quickly until the body adapts!
There you have it.
2 steps to complete this challenge, can you complete it and show me the impact it has on your health and flattening your abs?
I would LOVE to hear your results and if you need anything else or want to talk about 1-1 coaching just drop me a message on Instagram I would love to hear from you

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How to Get Perfect Abs in 30 days